Create and publish on the main App Stores rich media PDF in just a few clicks, with iTablo!

Publishers, companies, agencies, governmental authorities, photographers... anyone can publish any kind of documents in a simple and intuitive way.






    iTablo doesn't need any additional 3rd party license.


    There's no need to make a new layout for your documents. All you have to do is import your PDF in iTablo Desktop Designer and you're done. You can as well add interactive content and multimedia elements in just a few clicks.


    All of your data is stored in a secure and reliable environment. There's no need for external hosting to publish your documents. We take care of everything and with iTablo's highest standards for privacy and security.


    Do you need more than what iTablo already offers? No problem! iTablo is highly customizable and you can change logos, backgrounds, icons, color, etc.. and you can make it look exactly like you want! And if that's not enough, you can contact us for advanced customization like integration with 3rd party services, a completely different layout, etc..


    Preview your documents in iTablo Viewer right as you make them.

iTablo Viewer



iTablo Viewer is a free app available on the App Store. Use iTablo Viewer to read the content you made with iTablo Designer right away.

You don't need anything else to try the multimedia experience on your tablet!

iTablo Designer

€ 299


iTablo Designer is available as a digital download for Mac and PC.

It's just like a PDF editor. You can add multimedia elements and interactive content and export a package ready to be published on tablets and smartphones.

iTablo Book

Starting at € 499

Buy now

iTablo Book is just like a book (or a catalogue, a brochure, a company profile, etc..) tailored for the App Store.

All your contents are embedded in the app itself and gets downloaded just once when the user downloads the app. Your app must be updated and published again if you want to update the contents.

iTablo Kiosk

Starting at € 278 / Month


iTablo Kiosk is a custom tailored app ready to be published on the App Store. It's an online kiosk where your readers can download your documents and read them later on without the need of internet connectivity.

You can update the kiosk and add more documents at any time.

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iTablo Designer 3.0.1

iTablo Designer 3.0.1: better memory management to load high resolution PDFs... Read more »

iTablo Designer 3

iTablo Designer 3.0 has been released!... Read more »

Book or Kiosk?

What's the perfect product for your needs? iTablo Book or iTablo Kiosk? Join us to find it out!... Read more »


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iTablo Designer 3.0.1

21 October 2014

We’ve just released version 3.0.1 of iTablo Designer.

Main features:

  • better memory management to load high resolution PDF documents
  • minor fixes to translations



iTablo Designer 3

8 January 2014

iTablo Designer 3.0 is finally available.

Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • New UI
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion support
  • Streaming video support
  • Remote PDF support
  • Improved image gallery
  • Single page PDF layout in landscape
  • A brand new “Preview” that lets you transfer your work directly to the device (iOS/Android) through a wi-fi connection

Here’s the full changelog:


– Upgraded to Eclipse Platform 4.3
– OS X binaries are now signed and can be opened with Mountain Lion without having to change any security settings.
– Added an internal web browser. An external browser is no longer needed. (This also fixes some compatibility problem on the OS X platform)
– Added support for HTTP(S) streaming video
– Added support for PDF files over HTTP(S)
– Added support for product widgets. You will soon be able to add products to your PDF catalogue and have your sales people make orders from within your kiosk!
– Added single-click on the widget list to select a widget
– Added double-click on the widget list to open the widget’s property dialog
– Added double-click on a widget to open its properties dialog (same as right-clicking on it)
– Added the packager icon in the toolbar
– Added single-click on any icon and overlay in the project properties to open the popup menu
– Added support for displaying the gallery widget as an automatic slideshow.
– Added support for setting thumbnails size for the gallery widget.
– Added a new widget property to set the URL to use when sharing a video through social networks.
– Added a new project property to force the viewer to display a single page even in landscape mode.
– Added a new “Preview” function to upload a preview of the issue to any of your devices without having to use any external program (works with both iOS and Android)
– Fixed URL encoding for HTML/LINK/PDF/VIDEO widgets
– Fixed a problem with extended widget where the path to the generated content would always be the same for the same kind of widget.
– Fixed a problem with the formatVersion of the exported media.plist
– Fixed a thumbnails refresh problem within the thumbnails window at startup
– Fixed the missing message dialog after an iTablo 1.x project has been imported and saved as 2.x
– Fixed an error when moving an open project to a different folder
– Fixed a layout error in the colours properties of the project
– Fixed an error when error dialogs popped up from a task running in the background
– Fixed a problem with the gallery widget where changing orientation didn’t refresh the content
– Fixed a lyout problem with the gallery widget dialog
– Fixed an error when the canvas is empty but the window is being resized
– Fixed the error code 9 (error during widget copy). Now it’s more verbose and shows which file couldn’t be copied and where it is stored on the filesystem.
– Moved the Archive menu item from File to Project
– Moved the Import menu item from File to Project
– Updated the PDF rendering library
– Updated the automatic update site to the new URL




Book or Kiosk?

12 December 2013

iTablo Kiosk is the right choice when:
– you need to publish many documents
– you need to categorize and group up documents
– you need to update published documents in real time or add new documents on the go
– you need to manage subscriptions to your content
– you need to track and analyze your users behavior

iTablo Kiosk doesn’t embed any content. Everything gets published on our servers in the cloud, where we can guarantee reliability and availability. You get to publish your documents through a web interface where you can manage everything on your own. You manage your content, as well as the available subscriptions, the advertisement that gets published to the app, push notifications and analytics. That’s the main reason behind the choice of offering iTablo Kiosk with a subscription based model.

iTablo Book is targeted to those who only need to publish a single document once (think of a book, a catalogue, a brochure, etc..). The content is embedded in the app itself and there’s no need for external hosting. On the other side, this means that you have to publish an update of your app every time you want to update the content. Keep in mind that with Apple App Store this can take up to a couple of weeks as you have to wait for the approval of the update.


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Desktop Editor

Add multimedia elements to your content with just a few clicks! Our editor is available for both Mac and PC.

Rich media

Add multimedia elements to your documents. Add videos, audio clips, image galleries, slideshows, 360 degrees renderings, HTML5 apps and web pages.

In-App Purchase

Sell your contents from the kiosk. iTablo supports both subscriptions and single issues purchases.


Check the behavior of your users. Find out what they're reading the most, what they're downloading or what videos they prefer.


Keep in touch with your users. Send them push notifications to keep them engaged with your app. Let them know about your new publications, special offers, etc..


Let your readers share their experience on the main social networks. Let your publications reach a wider audience.

Custom Kiosk

A custom kiosk where you can organize and publish your magazines, catalogues, brochures. It supports iOS Newsstand.

Tablet & Smartphone

Contents are available on iOS, Android and Kindle tablets and smartphones